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Shanghai Tunghsing is composites pole, crossarm and FRP specialist with over 40 years of track record and we thrive to be your one-stop solution provider.

Established in 1994, Shanghai Tung Hsing Technology Inc. has adopted FRP lighting pole production technology of more than 20 years from its mother company in Taipei. By continuous innovation and optimization, the company has accumulated over 40 years of production and application experience. Our main products include FRP utility pole, FRP telecommunication pole, and lighting pole etc. Also included products for special application such as FRP CCTV pole, multi-functional intelligent pole, etc.

Being cost competitive and quality guaranteed, our FRP poles have been widely recognized and used by customers around the world, covering North America, Central & Latin America, Gulf states, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Shanghai Tunghsing’s FRP pole is CE certified (EN40) and meets several international standards including ANSI, ASTM (USA), EN40 (Europe), SASO (Saudi Arabia), SIRIM (Malaysia). We also established the Taiwan CNS (Chinese National Standards) for Lighting Pole.

Our Mission

Dedicating to R&D and manufacturing of FRP pole and crossarm

Quality assurance, competitive price, prompt delivery

Strong design capability satisfying various requirements and challenges

 Professional service and reliable products


Company History

1975 - Establishment of mother company Tung Hsing Technology Corporation in Taipei;

1976 - Start manufacturing of FRP lighting pole with self-innovated method to achieve high strength FRP poles. Our fabrication is different from the traditional methods of filament winding and centrifugal process;

1994 - Establishment of Shanghai Tung Hsing Technology Inc.;

1998 - Volume production of Shanghai Tung Hsing;

2001 - Qualified and received ISO9001:2000 certificate (Quality Management System);


2006 – Establishment of Shanghai Tunghsing Composites Co., Ltd.

2012 - Received Malaysia SIRIM certification for FRP pole;

2013 - Qualified and received CE certificate (Europe, EN-40)

2017 - Relocated FRP pole manufacturing site to Jiangsu Province, China. Expanding production capacity using filament winding process. Main office remains in Shanghai.

2017 - FRP crossarm production relocating to Nanjing.


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