About FRP Pole


FRP Advantages

1. Corrosion resistance:
Unlike carbon steel, aluminum, wood and other conventional materials, FRP will not corrode and can be exposed to continuous submersion, splash, spills, fumes or gases, and still maintain its integrity.

2. Light Weight and Low installation costs:

FRP pole is significantly light weight comparing to steel pole to reduce fabrication, transportation and installation costs. Installation can usually by simple hand tools, reducing the need for costly equipment and labour costs associated with heavy lifting, cutting and welding.

3. Non-conductive and Antic-static:

FRP is non-conductive ideally suited for electrically hazardous locations. FRP is an excellent electrical inhibitor which is particularly important in underground and offshore applications.

4. Non-sparking and Fire resistance:

While other materials may cause a fire or an explosion from sparks produced from accidental dropping of tools onto the metal surface, FRP is ideally suited for those installations where hydrogen or other combustible gases may be found as it does not produce sparks. Shanghai Tung Hsing FRP pole can achieve self-extinguish property by adding fire retardant agent.

5. Superior Strength:

The high glass-to-resin ratio of FRP creates materials which are incredibly strong, with excellent load bearing capabilities. Combined with other properties, FRP will far outlast traditional materials.

6. Maintenance Free:
FRP will not rust, corrode or fade and therefore do not require maintenance. Special UV inhibitor are integral to the products for withstanding the harsh sun light.

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