What is your experience in FRP lighting pole?

Shanghai Tunghsing has accumulated more than 40 years’ experience in manufacturing FRP pole.  Our company is originated from Taiwan and our earliest FRP pole installation is in 1976 and poles are still in use.

What is your manufacturing process?

Our FRP pole is using filament winding process.  For smaller garden pole or cctv pole we can also use pultrusion process.

Which types of FRP poles are you manufacturing?

We are manufacturing FRP poles for various application including street lighting pole, utility pole, communication pole (ADSS), squared pole, garden pole and round straight pole to meet your needs.

What is your design and manufacturing basis?

We design FRP pole according to following standards: ANSI, ASTM of USA, EN40 of Europe, SASO of Saudi Arabia.  We can also design according to your spec.

How many FRP poles are you manufacturing annually?

In terms of filament winding process, we have existing 2 lines with annual output of 6,000pcs 9m pole and we are planning to increase additional 2 more lines.

For pultrusion process, we have existing 14 lines with annual output of 70,000m per line, roughly 980,000m annually.  We are planning to add 8 more lines and expecting to increase capacity of 70,000m per line, roughly increasing annual capacity of 560,000m.

What kinds of accessories do you supply with the poles?

Apart from FRP poles, we supply many kinds of accessories including FRP decorative base cover, galvanized steel arm, aluminum arm, galvanized steel base, handhole cover, top cap, etc.

How do you pack and delivery the poles?

Our standard packing is plastic bag wrapping for individual pole.


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